Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lost Keys & Discovery of Trapped Desire

"You know what I haven't seen in about a week?", I asked my husband.

"No, but you're going to tell me anyway."

"My keys".

This launched an all out search and rescue program. It was suggested that I'd scooped them up and threw them away with trash. I came into the kitchen to find my husband looking into the pantry behind cans and in the refrigerator - for my keys. They had apparently sprouted legs and left the country. ( And NO, I did NOT put my keys in the fridge!) But I had to agree, I do manage to do some crazy things.

Now would be the time to mention the real problem; there is only one house key (we moved in a few weeks ago and the extra key we had made was made incorrectly) and that key was on my ring of missing keys. After sending an email to the landlord, I was gently prompted to go take some time to myself and go to my favorite places; Michael's crafts and Barnes & Noble bookstore. I promised his keys would indeed make the return trip home.

I love the bookstore. I just pulled up a seat on the floor and began pouring through books (I call it 'feeding my mind'). I stumbled across this book on polymer clay and fell in love. It has so many beautiful designs in it I knew I just had to have it.

Lately I've been more and more interested in polymer clay, as it affords more creativity - you can make anything your want; beads, animals, whatever. I've messed with this medium in the past and made a couple of things;

Anyway, expect to see some items in clay soon as I try my hand at some of the most beautiful things in this book. Not to mention other inspiration I've found as well. Oh and by the way, I got a text msg from my husband while I was indulging myself at the bookstore - he found my keys. Buried in his recliner chair under the cushion. Right where I left 'em. Before he sat on them without noticing. Aaahhhh, the world is once again as it should be.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Time...

In between playing with the cat, doing my social networking, playing with the cat, doing household duties, (and did I mention playing with the cat?), I finally decided to get down to the nitty gritty of making another design. My problem is that I have soooo many ideas running through my head that it's hard to sit and concentrate on just one. So I'm forcing myself to simply jot down my ideas and stay focused...oh look, a butterfly. Don't you
love butterflies?

I rest my case.....
Anyway, I've been working in the steampunk genre lately but every time I walk by the 'fridge, I'm reminded by the notice from my doctor that it's time to schedule my mammogram. Those thoughts bring me to my mother who died from breast cancer and prompts me to make another cancer awareness piece. I kept vacillating between doing steampunk and cancer awareness when the light bulb flicked on; combine them. And "Time for a Cure" was born.

The most time consuming part was doing the herringbone wire work. I originally was going to limit the wire work to just the bail but then I liked the look so much, I thought I'd carry it through. Between working the wire to lay the way I wanted it to, and trying to convince the cat
that I wasn't inviting him to try to catch the end of it as I wove, I thought it would be about 2010 before it was finished. But HERE it is, way ahead of schedule:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Word of the Day - Cohesion

I finally did it. Everything matches and I feel so much better. My blog image, Etsy image, avatars, business cards and return address labels all match!! Finally, I feel put together. There. Now you can sleep peacefully knowing this 'cuz I know you were all up late wondering when I was going to get it together, right?

Today I decided to delegate. Hubby was off work today (an unfortunate result of this economy) and I had things I had to do and things I wanted to do. One of the things I had to do was vacuum, especially downstairs. But I didn't wanna. So I decided to ask Steve to do it for me. And when he got back from the movie (Star Trek, not my thing), he DID! What was I doing? Playing. And I didn't even feel guilty this time.

As it turns out I was playing in clay and trying my hand at Steampunk clay. I loved it! I had a blast making a fish with gears and straps and fun stuff. All I have to do is bake him, which I plan to do tomorrow and he'll make his debut here. So check back y'all. :-)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring Jewelry Trends - The Disagreement + FREE GIFT

In checking out the fasion trends for this season, I've noticed a bit of disharmony between the fashionistas. One says "chandelier earrings are the must have", another says "drop earrings are replacing chandelier earrings of previous seasons". And the list goes on.
The general consensus is that bright colors and chunky jewelry as well as charms are in. The colors that seem to take center stage this Spring are yellow, blue and green. My theory? Forget it. Choose what you like. Sometimes following the trends can make you look ridiculous. If you have small wrists, wearing oversized baubles will make you look downright silly. If you have a larger frame, wearing teeny, tiny jewelry will make you look like you're wearing Barbie's jewelry. Here are a few tips to remember:
1. Pearls are classic. Wear them day or night, with jeans or dress clothes. Think Jackie O.
2. Seashells and sea theme bring thoughts of the lazy, hazy days of summer by the beach. (Hint: I'll be designing a few sea-theme items.
3. Choose colors according to your skin tone, not according to the hottest, stick thin, pasty white celebrity. Believe me, they outfit these people according to what looks good on them and that may not look good on you.

4. Choose your jewelry according to your body frame and comfort level (as mentioned above). You want people to notice you for the right reasons.

One last tip: Direct people's eyes where you want them. For those of us who aren't feeling like we're in shape to walk the runway, jewelry is a must have. Wearing eye-catching necklaces or earrings (bright, bold, unusual or sparkly) keeps the eye trained upward and off more uh.."sensitive" areas. Bracelets will keep people's eyes trained on your wrist as you gesture. Getting the idea?

Now down to business: is shutting down. The cost of keeping it up has become more than I care to deal with and I have better response on Etsy. You can find pictures of all my jewelry, past and present HERE and can shop HERE. To thank you for putting up with my fickle mind I'm offering everyone who becomes a follower of my blog a FREE gift with purchase!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Change of Pace

After nearly a year, I decided to change my hairstyle again. I have very thick hair and every time I even look down, it flops over my face making look like a cross between a sheepdog and Cousin It. I learned a valuable lesson...well, actually 2 lessons. First, check your stylist's mood. Mine informed me that she had a few customers that really frustrated her. Which I immediately felt when she began pulling the comb through my hair with no regard for my ears.

The second lesson: When dealing with a fibromyalgia flare, don't go get your hair done. Between her mood and the general routine that goes with a cut and color such as vigorous scrubbing, the wringing of wet hair, burning hair dye and the combing of wet hair, I felt as if I was simultaneously being snatched bald and beaten with a stick! Thankfully a curling iron and a little hair product helped smooth the evidence of her irritation with her day so I think I'll live. Here's what it looks like now...

Along the lines of business speak: I sold two items since yesterday! One of my faves, the Candy Apple bracelet is off to a new home. It's such a great feeling when someone likes one of my pieces so much they want to give it a new home. The other adopted piece is the one in my last post below - "Old Time". Wow, that one moved fast!

And now without further delay, I'd like to introduce the latest member of our family, Buster!

I'd been wanting a kitty for a long time and Buster was a surprise by my husband on our anniversary. He's very cute and more than a little spoiled already. He sleeps with me at night and climbs in my lap for naps during the day. He keeps us laughing with his antics of barreling up the stairs, slithering down them head first and undying curiosity. Definitely a welcome addition! Thanks, honey!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Old Time - Steampunk Necklace

At long last this piece is finally finished. I had sort of a creative block and the fog finally lifted.

I realize some may not know what steampunk is - Steampunk is the idea of taking various modern utilitarian objects and turning them into sort of a pseudo-Victorian mechanical style. It's influence comes from the idea of things that were steam powered mostly in the Victorian era and integrates a little science fiction or fantasy. This type of imagination manifested itself in the literary works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne.....and has found its way into jewelry.

I integrated different metals into this piece and gave it an old-time New Orleans flair which can be seen in the charms as well as the top hat & peacock feathers. You can see the mechanics of the watch which went from being the hidden heart of the inner workings of it to a place of prominence right on the face. Let me know what you think! "Old Time" can be found here


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