Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Time...

In between playing with the cat, doing my social networking, playing with the cat, doing household duties, (and did I mention playing with the cat?), I finally decided to get down to the nitty gritty of making another design. My problem is that I have soooo many ideas running through my head that it's hard to sit and concentrate on just one. So I'm forcing myself to simply jot down my ideas and stay focused...oh look, a butterfly. Don't you
love butterflies?

I rest my case.....
Anyway, I've been working in the steampunk genre lately but every time I walk by the 'fridge, I'm reminded by the notice from my doctor that it's time to schedule my mammogram. Those thoughts bring me to my mother who died from breast cancer and prompts me to make another cancer awareness piece. I kept vacillating between doing steampunk and cancer awareness when the light bulb flicked on; combine them. And "Time for a Cure" was born.

The most time consuming part was doing the herringbone wire work. I originally was going to limit the wire work to just the bail but then I liked the look so much, I thought I'd carry it through. Between working the wire to lay the way I wanted it to, and trying to convince the cat
that I wasn't inviting him to try to catch the end of it as I wove, I thought it would be about 2010 before it was finished. But HERE it is, way ahead of schedule:

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