Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring Jewelry Trends - The Disagreement + FREE GIFT

In checking out the fasion trends for this season, I've noticed a bit of disharmony between the fashionistas. One says "chandelier earrings are the must have", another says "drop earrings are replacing chandelier earrings of previous seasons". And the list goes on.
The general consensus is that bright colors and chunky jewelry as well as charms are in. The colors that seem to take center stage this Spring are yellow, blue and green. My theory? Forget it. Choose what you like. Sometimes following the trends can make you look ridiculous. If you have small wrists, wearing oversized baubles will make you look downright silly. If you have a larger frame, wearing teeny, tiny jewelry will make you look like you're wearing Barbie's jewelry. Here are a few tips to remember:
1. Pearls are classic. Wear them day or night, with jeans or dress clothes. Think Jackie O.
2. Seashells and sea theme bring thoughts of the lazy, hazy days of summer by the beach. (Hint: I'll be designing a few sea-theme items.
3. Choose colors according to your skin tone, not according to the hottest, stick thin, pasty white celebrity. Believe me, they outfit these people according to what looks good on them and that may not look good on you.

4. Choose your jewelry according to your body frame and comfort level (as mentioned above). You want people to notice you for the right reasons.

One last tip: Direct people's eyes where you want them. For those of us who aren't feeling like we're in shape to walk the runway, jewelry is a must have. Wearing eye-catching necklaces or earrings (bright, bold, unusual or sparkly) keeps the eye trained upward and off more uh.."sensitive" areas. Bracelets will keep people's eyes trained on your wrist as you gesture. Getting the idea?

Now down to business: is shutting down. The cost of keeping it up has become more than I care to deal with and I have better response on Etsy. You can find pictures of all my jewelry, past and present HERE and can shop HERE. To thank you for putting up with my fickle mind I'm offering everyone who becomes a follower of my blog a FREE gift with purchase!

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