Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Inconsiderate Cat Behavior - New Arrivals

As I mentioned previously, I have a new furry addition to my family, my cat Buster. Cats have very little if any, consideration for their humans

For example, they have no compunction about jumping up on you in the middle of the night while you're dead asleep and after turning in circles a few times and "kneading" on sensitive areas, finally find the perfect spot to curl up and sleep - generally in the most uncomfortable position for you. Nor do they care about your privacy in the bathroom.

Currently I'm sitting in my recliner with my laptop. Buster is also in my lap, sleeping soundly draped over my right arm, leaving me to hunt and peck on the keyboard with only my left, non-dominant hand. Since my legs are curled up and tucked beside me, my laptop is teetering on my knee.

I can see my coffee cup with steaming coffee and vanilla creamer, but I can't reach it.

I can see the remote control but can't reach it to change the channel. No, I'm stuck watching the skinny, somewhat pretentious weather girl drone on about drizzle and the 7-day forecast.

I can see my right arm but can no longer feel it. Buster is not a lightweight.

Why, you ask, don't you remove the cat so you can function as a normal person?? Well, because he's just so darn CUTE! And when he looks at me with those big eyes over his little white mark on his nose, he melts my heart. Plus it's kind of like having a baby. Wake him up and he gives me that pathetic look while sitting next to his toy, silently commanding me to devote hours to playing with him..until he's tired and wants to sleep on my lap again.

Also previously mentioned is my increasing delight with polymer clay. Oh the things you can do! Here are some of the things I've done:

Ocean Princess, Victorian Lace and Savannah can be found in this Etsy shop. Chocolate Truffle can be ordered in your color choice .

I've also decided to put my crochet skills to good use. I love making baby items and all kinds of afghans. Here is the first item in my new Etsy shop, Destiny Lee's Crochet


~ * ~ Only Me ~ * ~ said...

so much cute stuff! :-)

The Retired One said...

Whaaaaaat? No picture of the CAT????
C'mon, don't tease us like that!


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