Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Not My Fault....Really

Ok, so I haven't posted in awhile. You can blame Facebook for that. I have two pages on Facebook, a personal page as well as a page for my shop....which by the way you can become a fan of by clicking the link to the right.

Uh...back on track here. They have this game on Facebook called Farm Town which is like a Sim City game. You plant seeds, they grow, you harvest and sell them and along the way different kinds of seeds become available. As you get money you can buy things for your farm; scarecrows, barns, flowers, well you get the idea. The crops come due to be harvested at different times, some in 4 hours, some in a day or two and if you don't get to them, they die and you've wasted your coins. I find that when I'm out enjoying the weekend with my hubby and dreamily looking into his eyes, what I'm really thinking about is that my cabbage is gonna die if I don't beat it back home and harvest them. So you see, I have a severe form of addiction and should seek professional help.

That being said, I have actually found time to make a few things. One of them is this darling baby bonnet with roses. Such a cute frame for a baby's face, don't you think? I used really wide ribbon for between the roses instead of narrower because I love the way it fills out.
As for my polymer clay - I've been able to tear myself away from Farm Town long enough to get some stuff done. The "Wisteria Lane" pendant was inspired by just that. We went to Universal Studios a few weeks ago and the tram took us down Wisteria Lane. It was really very pretty. For a bunch of facades. Dot 'n Curl was inspired simply by my love of pink, black and white put together. I set them on the table and this is how they assembled themselves. ;-). My husband says it looks like a cookie.

Queen For a Day is for the little one in your life. Wooden beads and strung on elasticized thread and knotted to keep the beads in place. It has a lobster claw clasp but it's stretch enough to slip on over the head. It's enough to make any little girl feel like Queen for the Day.

Well, off to play in my Farm Town. (Just kidding)...

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