Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Couple Discoveries

Free! No cost! Now those are some words I can get behind.
I happen to have the Adobe Photoshop Suite but the problem is I need some help getting started with some of the software. I've got Photoshop pretty well nailed down but the programs like Illustrator and Flash are still pretty much Greek to me. I was surprised and quite delighted by the offer of a free webinar hosted by Creative Tech. I signed up for the free 10-week course which covers Adobe Flash. I tuned in last week for an Illustrator course and enjoyed it so I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Flash instruction. There are just over 2,000 registered and they need 2,500 so I thought I'd help spread the word. What have you got to lose?

As you all know, I have two shops on Etsy. Funny thing about Etsy. I'm always discovering new things about it. Today I discovered "Pounce". Pounce is great for finding out about new talent or see what the top sellers are in the handmade industry. You just chose between "Undiscovered/Just Sold" and browse through the various items. It's great for getting ideas, seeing what's new out there and just general sort of window-shopping fun. Head over and try it out!

Now for a little bit of Buster blogging: I had this box in which I was keeping the polymer clay keychains I'm making for breast cancer awareness (got the idea from Facebook's "Feel Your Boobies" Cause).....

...and set the lid on the floor. Buster immediately claimed it for himself.

Period. I come near it and he jumps in it for a 'sit in' in protest of me retrieving it. I mentioned it previously but dear ol' Buster has a bit of a mood swing issue. He can be purring one minute and the next, he's on the attack. He goes from the sweet face you see above to the wide-eyed feral wild cat below. This is the face of Batty Buster. Funny, huh? After this look, you can be sure you'll be counting the bite marks.

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The Retired One said...

WOW. Look at those eyes!!
I love all cats, so I would like to put a glove on and wrestle a bit with him when they are all wild eyed like that!


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