Saturday, July 25, 2009

On A Serious Note...

Hello all,

One month from tomorrow will be the 3rd anniversary of my mothers death, the life drained from a women who was a daughter, a mother, a grandmother. And a woman so active she completely wore me out.
Research estimates that 43 million women die every year due to breast cancer. It's second only to lung cancer. The problem with that is that many cause lung cancer by smoking. Breast cancer isn't caused by one's own hand. It's a sneaky, violent, silent killer - it takes all prisoner and knows no racial bounds.
In fact I was reading about breast cancer in African American woman. I don't hear much about black women getting cancer so I wondered if they were less susceptible than others. To my surprise, African American women are 3 times more likely to die from breast cancer! Why? There is an unacceptably low risk of screening procedures for starters. But more importantly studies show that a women of color is more likely to get a type of aggressive, often fatal cancer.

"The study reviewed here found that African American women are 3 times more likely than white or Hispanic women to be diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer.
Triple-negative breast cancer is:
Triple-negative breast cancers are usually more aggressive, harder to treat, and more likely to come back (recur) than cancers that are hormone-receptor-positive or HER2-positive"

Further information shows that 40% of black women carrying this gene get it during the pre-menopausal phase of their life. Like women don't have enough garbage going on with their bodies and hormones at this stage!

That having been said I have opened yet another shop on Etsy, this one in honor of my mother and all the women of the world; Be-Cause of Her. (Get it? The play on Because and Cause? ok, moving on....) It's strictly for breast cancer awareness items. In addition to the awareness jewelry (which I moved from my Designs of Destiny shop) and the items pictured here, I plan to add pretty crocheted chemo caps, lap-ghans and whatever else I can think up to make the patient or the family of one a little more comfortable. If you have any ideas please leave a comment and let me know!!

(I thought these lone boobies would be good reminders for early detection-

I firmly believe if Mom had her cancer detected early (instead of waiting till it was Stage IV) she
might be with us today. I've become a great advocate of early detection and hope my items draw attention to this fact. However not everyone can afford a mammogram. We can help and it doesn't cost us a dime. Just go to this website and click on the "Click Here to Give - it's Free" box. Sponsors donate money to the cause in return for extra exposure. You can also join this site on Facebook and I believe they have a link directly to this site as well.
In other news, here's the latest of my crochet baby items. It's a petal hat! Cute, huh? A flower for your little flower. hehe

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Nilofer said...

Hi! Nice blog... May your Mom's soul rest in peace. You have some beautiful crochet designs out here... Happy blogging!

TC said...

I feel your loss. It is good that you spread awareness of Breast Cancer. Many people do not know that there is often a dietary link to the prevention and treatment of cancers. Of special note are not consuming any dairy product or meat product that has been treated with rBGH or rBST. This also includes processed foods. Also, keeping your body Alkaline by maintaining a pH of 7.3-7.6 in your body will help to prevent cancer from occurring at all. Eating raw vegetables and leafy greens and or taking a superfood supplement will help to achieve this. I have posted a bit recently about cancer and nutritional issues if that may help some of your readers. Have a great weekend and thanks for rating my blog.


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