Monday, September 21, 2009

the 6 o'clock stitch: Promote Your Etsy Shop: Part 1

I was perusing the internet tonight looking for ways to promote my business on Etsy. I came across a post in the 6 o'clock stitch: Promote Your Etsy Shop: Part 1 and the writer has lots of good tips for things like promoting your business and even getting out of going to the post office! These are written for Etsy sellers but I'm sure they can be applied to other places such as Artfire, etc. Definitely worth a look!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Think Pink in October - Memories from New York

I've been working fast and furiously to get my new website up and it's almost done. This site will be dedicated to breast cancer awareness items including my booby keychains as well as pink jewelry, chemo caps and whatever else I can dream up to make patients and their friends and families smile - or that can help them be more comfortable. The site will also have tons of information about breast cancer, lots of links for information resources, a link to click for free to help fund mammograms for those who can't afford it....and lots of other stuff as time goes on. It's so close to being done, I'm shooting for this weekend or perhaps next week. Meanwhile check out the itty bitty booby cell phone charm...

We went to New York on vacation this year as we hadn't been before. Wow, what a busy place. I learned so much! I learned that I would rather walk than take a taxi because
I didn't pack THAT much underwear. There is not a rule that went unbroken in that cab and I found myself hanging on for dear life with both my hands and feet. As we came within a fraction of an inch of sideswiping the car next to us I was able to count the gentleman's fillings while he expressed his opinion of that in true NY fashion. I learned that traffic lights are merely pretty decorations that turn colors and that crosswalks are merely lines on the ground and mean nothing. The walk/don't walk signs are nothing but mere suggestions and I learned that a "friendly" difference of opinions in NY is enough to send you running for cover. Yes, it was a learning experience.

This is a happy fellow, showing his excitement in true New York fashion:

We toured the city on a Grayline bus and learned from the narrator all about the history of NY. We were able to get on and off at will, as the subtle text on the front suggests:

We went up the Empire State Building despite my fear of heights which was a source of amusement for my husband and not a few employees:

The view was a bit dizzying and there are decidedly more of those yellow death traps than civilian cars:

There is an M&M store there and I've never seen so much of that candy in once place. It was a 3-story store!! I was going to buy some until I saw that they were.....hope your sitting down......$12 A LB! (We didn't eat much of anything while in NY because the prices are crazy. We paid $13 for 3 pancakes for breakfast.) This is only one photo of the M&Ms but there were several stations like this with all colors of the rainbow and mixed colors as well:

We saw the Broadway musical "Chicago" at the beautiful Ambassador theatre in downtown Manhattan and much to our surprise Jerry Springer played Billy Flynn, the lawyer. The play itself didn't have much of a theme other than a girl who's accused of murder wanting to be in the public eye than anything else but it was well put-together. It was just a bit weird seeing Jerry singing and playing this part of a sleazy lawyer...I expected toothless women in the underwear to dominate the stage armed with chairs and start fighting. All in all, it was a good time.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aaahh,the Joys of Running Errands...

It's been awhile since I've actually had to deal with salespeople and during that time I think they've amped up their methods. In particular we've shopped for a bed and most recently, I shopped with a friend for her bridal gown.
Now, don't get me wrong. I understand the side of the employee. They're income is dependent on their sales which result in commission. I get that. But I've seen Siamese twins less connected than we were to a salesperson. It's really hard to try out mattresses when you have someone standing over you extoling the virtues of each individual mattress. I don't care who made it, who bought out who and got who's ideas...just leave me alone and let me try to count the springs sticking in my back! Of course they direct you to the more expensive, luxury items. The first place we were directed was to the Vera Wang mattresses. Well, of course this is a top of the line mattress that'll instantly drain your wallet of nearly $1,300. Yes, it was comfortable. Very comfortable. It was the price of it that was uncomfortable.

Right about that time, around the bend comes the Percy the Pushy salesman who is the prince of persuasion. While I'm trying to find a way to slide off the bed politely let him how that while the bed felt wonderful, we'd have to sell our kidneys and take out a second mortgage, Mr. Pushy begins pressing buttons which elevate the feet and head of the bed. Oh was that wonderfully comfy...and tacked on another $1,000. I think he was trying to lull us into a semi-conscious state so that the price wouldn't be an issue. The next store was much worse. The salesman was literally waiting at the door, demanding our names the minute we crossed the threshold. We headed for the restroom to sort out our respective defense tactics. As I had already grown weary of the routine, I had no problem playing Goldilocks. This one was too hard, that one too soft, too tall, too short... We left him standing there asking us if we were sure we didn't want to see the most luxurious beds of the bunch. His answer was a quick smile, shake of the head, and a view of the back of our heads leaving the store.
The wedding gown shopping experience was even worse, if that's possible. The bride's future mother-in-law and I accompanied her to David's Bridal. Immediately the mother hen type of saleslady hops on her and tells us to have a seat while she takes the bride over to the gowns and then hides her in a dressing room on the other side of the store. Well, that just wouldn't don't cut out friends and family. I think she understood the glare in our eyes and turned her over to another consultant once we managed to fixate on the right dressing room. Of course she glossed over the gowns within the bride's price range and went straight to the 6-month salary section. And this story repeated in the following shop as well. The good news is she did find "The Dress" and it's gorgeous.
Today I was a little impatient from the shopping experience of the past couple of days and all the little things got to me. We were in Wal-Mart trying to exit with our purchased items and got stuck behind the large family of 10. I've never seen a slower moving bunch in my life. Turns out the reason why was because they had little Junior 'helping' to push the cart and his little steps were all of 6" long. Do you KNOW how long it took us to get out the door? At least we didn't have any salespeople nipping at our heels.
...And this is a cute picture of my lazy kitty.

Till next time.....


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