Friday, October 16, 2009


Welcome to Feature Friday! I enjoyed featuring my favorite artist, Amanda Day, so much that I decided to dedicate a post every Friday to an artist who's work is impressive - and there are a lot of you out there. (If you are an artists and would like to be featured on this blog, simply become a follower and leave me a msg).  Onward and upward...

I'm starting the fun with a jewelry artist from a small town in the UK, Janet Lily.  She absolutely loves making jewelry and it shows.  She has over 300 items in her shop with so many beautiful items it's hard to choose from.  I finally was able to choose but believe me, that took some doing. 

The first piece is this beautiful bracelet:  "Art Deco Girl In Green With Gloves Charm Bracelet Tamara de Lempicka" -   Her focal charm is of a piece of art done by a 1930's artist, born in Poland as Maria Gorska and later moved to Paris with her lawyer husband where she became known as Tamara de Lempicka.

Janet adorns this bracelet with clay flowers, lucite flowers and some darling charms.

I couldn't resist posting this one as well:  "The day It Rained For Romance Art Deco"

Janet makes all kinds of jewelry but this particular necklace caught my eye; "Black Widow" cascading necklace.  It's a very unique piece.  Janet Lily's shop is definitely worth taking a look at so go ahead.  Bet you can't resist...

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