Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is it Foam? or a marshmallow? or what?

I decided to try a different clay medium, Sculpey UltraLight.  It's definitely light, no question there.  I described it to my husband as a cross between foam and a non-sticky marshmallow.  It's quite fun to work with and is supposed to hold up without cracking in either large items or in my case, thin edges of flowers.  It's also a nice alternative to using foil and tape as armatures.  Also good for making large beads (and covering with PC).  Keeps them light and comfy.  I foumd it at Michaels for about $10 and WalMart has it for $8.  Tip: Use Michael's 40-50% off coupon!

On a completely different subject, I went to the eye dr. yesterday cuz it's definitely time to get some new peepers.  As usual I submitted to the glaucome test which, for anyone who doesn't know, is where they put this machine about an inch or so from your eye and blow a puff of air into it.  It doesn't hurt but the idea of having this machine invading your personal space and knowing it's about to spit in your eye is a tad unerving.  But it's only one puff in each eye..... until I met up with this tech who's belief system entailed the "Once is never enough" theory and got me twice in each eye.

After the part of the exam where the dr. shines a bright light into the eye (can they see your brain that way?) he says to me, "Did you know your eyes are dry?"  HELLO!  You just shot 4 puffs of air into my eyes, had me hold them open trying not to blink while you searched around in them and you wonder why they're dry

Then came the drops to dilate my eyes...because apparently he didn't see enough with that big ol' bright light the first and second times.  He put this contraption over his head with a light on it, then looked through a round, thick glass. Suddenly I felt like the ant under the magnifying glass and he was the little mean kid directing a beam of sunlight on me.   In the end I selected a frame that I just love and I chose the Transition lenses so I no longer have to juggle the eyeglases/sunglasses when shopping at an outdoor mall.  Woo hoo!  I'll post the pic when the glasses come in - about a week from now.

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Twinessence said...

HEHE Yeah those eye "doctors" really love the tourment stuff. I went through one just recently, although I didn't get the spitting machine. My eyes are dry enough without having air blown on em lol. I found I should be wearing glasses for small work but the only glasses I like cost $250.... not going to be able to afford that for a while LOL.

Make sure you show us all how that new clay goes. Ive seen it before but never tried it. It's quite expensive in Oz. $35 last time I checked. :S


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