Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Lil' Pot O' Posies

What a night last night was. I was on my way downstairs to go to bed and I swear one of those stairs turned to ice. My foot slipped right off of it, shot out in front of me and I landed on my back. Of course I couldn't stop there, I had to bounce down a few more steps before I came to a halt sprawled out like a drunk duck. I suppose it looked like I had decided to lie down sled down the stairs without the convenience of a sled. It truly knocked the breath out of me but I had my dear husband standing behind me. I was blocking his path to bed so he expressed his sympathy by saying, "Can you get up?" I prefer not to, as I'm so comfortable lying with the corner of these stairs stabbing me in the back.  "Yeah, give me a minute."

Anyway, after fleeting thoughts of a broken back and ending up paralyzed, I managed to move my legs and eventually hoisted my body up and into bed.  I ended up with nothing more severe than a bruised lump on my spine and a lovely black and blue oblong bruise with red carpet burn in the middle on my right arm.  'Course I hit the stairs so hard all my innards feel like they've been rearranged and today I feel like I've been in a car accident, and yet I live on to bore you to death with the details.

I did manage to get my little roses done and potted.  I love flowers and had a blast making these - it reminded me of when I did cake decorating.

I plan to add them to my Etsy shop except they'll be nestled in potpourri so they smell like roses.  Wouldn't want to confuse the cat any more than he already was....


Klambat said...

I love it that you have managed to write about falling down, flowers and cat in a single posting. You make beautiful flowers by the way!

Twinessence said...

LOL Lorri!! I feel your pain, I really do! You would not believe, yesterday the backside of the sky fell out and it poured with rain. You guessed it, made my stairs super slippery. Guess who slid on the second stair down and proceded to slide down an extra 7 stairs. OW! My poor behind was injured so bad, I had to get Adrian to help me stand up again. I have a whopper of a black bruise on my bottom now.. don't worry, I won't show you. I just find it so funny that we both had the same lovely experience LOL!!

BTW, I LOOOOVE the flowers!!


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