Monday, October 5, 2009

October is Here

Yup, it's October. I'm not going to launch into my statistics, etc because you can find that in my older posts. I'm just going to post these pics of my latest design. I love these lampwork beads and decided they needed to be showcased, so I chose to top them with shades of pink Swarovski crystals. All metal is sterling silver. Because of the flowers on them, I've titled them, "Garden of Hope". You can find them here. Only followers of my blog will receive a free booby charm or a cell phone charm with purchase of these earrings. (Become a follower so you can find out about upcoming sales, giveaways and contests!)

I've been messing around in the polymer clay again. I really want to do a sculpture but ended up making roses instead. And promptly fell in love with the process. Here is a sneak preview of 3 roses. These and more are going into an arrangement in a planting pot covered in a basket weave pattern (in clay, of course). Yeah, I know, that sentence makes no sense. But it will come together once I get it together, hopefully tomorrow.
I did manage to start a sculpture of a seahorse but we'll just see how that comes along before I go embarrassing myself by posting photos.

Speaking of sculptures - I feel I have to mention an artist whose talent graces Queensland, Australia. I first found this artist while searching YouTube for lessons on sculpting (click here for her first tutorial - she has 7 or more). Her soft voice, patient manner and clear explanation prompted me to view all of her tutorials. 'Course once I tried my own version of a female face, I would up with something even Shrek would reject. Over the course of time, though, this artist, Amanda, and I have become friends. I feel honored to know such a talented, sweet person. Take a peek at some of her work:

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Twinessence said...

Lorriiii, you're such a sweety! Keep at those sculptures lorri, and use a reference. If you want some tips on where you might be going wrong, take a photo of a face you're sculpting and email it to me, I'll see if I can point you in the right direction. Thank you for the lovely comments and lots of kisses!


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