Sunday, October 18, 2009

So Much Sparkle, So Little Time...

This weekend was the bead and gem show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  It's been awhile since I've attended one of these because I...ummm....have no self control.  Much like a parrot, if it sparkles I want it.  So today while I wandered down aisle after aisle of gorgeous beads, silver, gold, stones, finished jewelry and crystals I bought everything I saw ...*sigh* I had to buckle down and behave myself (which was sooooo hard!)

Steve went with me and that usually helps put a damper on my spending but today I made out quite well.  I found these unbelievably deep red facetted rondelle beads.  The red was so deep and with the light on the facets, it looked strangely like it had a velvet texture.  Sounds werid but Steve said the same thing.  I had to pick them up to be sure they weren't.  Of course I had to have some of those (which I've already made 2 pairs of earrings from).  They look amazing with the antiqued sterling silver bead caps and dangling crystals on the bottom.  (Don't drool,  I'll post pics of them tomorrow)

 I had to stock up on my breast cancer awareness treasures so be looking for some new stuff along that line in a couple of days.  And of course, I couldn't let the darling cupcake beads just sit there...they were calling out my name and I think Steve heard it cuz he let me have them.  Already have earrings made up of those too.  They are just toooooo cute! (Steve was watching a movie I wasnt particularly interested in so I sat and worked on earrings for a couple hours). 

And last but not least is my ladybug bracelet.  I've loved ladybugs since I was a little girl.  I used to see them in their larval stage (black fuzzy with red stripes)  on the outside of the house and I got to watch so many turn into ladybugs.  Loved them ever since.  Did you know that a ladybug has no spots during it's first 24 hours of life?  Now you can rest easy, cuz I know you've been dying for that piece of info.  Anyway, got off track, sorry.  I found a ladybug bracelet in pink, (my all time FAVE color) and all these feelings rushed through me.  It's weird...though I don't remember the significance of it, I know I had a pair of pink ladybug earrings as a young girl.  I know they were special but I can't remember why or where they came from.  I just knew the posts were a bit short so I'd put up with the pain of having them squish my ears because of was in love with them.  When I saw this bracelet today, I got that feeling I got when I was little and looked at those earrings.  I know, it ranks pretty high on the Weird Things scale.  But I'm happy.  And when momma's know the rest. 

Last night I decided to try to sculpt my first miniature baby.  He looks like he's a cross between a baby with Down's syndrome and an alien (Course he only has one arm and a partial leg)  Nevertheless, something else is wrong with the poor little thing.  I shall have to submit a picture to Amanda and have her help me out with that, but at least it's a start.  Like I don't have enough to keep me occupied. 

Well, folks, lot's of walking and shopping and trying to manufacture self control is enough to burn a soul out so it's off to bed for me.  Will post pics tomorrow.

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