Saturday, November 28, 2009

Love the Long Weekend!

It's been a really nice weekend so far and we still have one day to go.  Steve is sick though and we spent some time at the Minute Clinic (Minute?  I beg to differ) because he was really feeling badly.  He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection.  Here's a hint if you have an HMO: before you go to a minute clinic in CVS be sure they're in your network or you'll fork out over $60!  Ouch.

I didn't do the early Black Friday shopping this year, but I did hit my favorite store, Michael's, with the 25% off entire purchase coupon.  Did anyone else find any good deals out there?

I spent a few hours today making flowers.  I'm doing a cake topper for my friend's wedding and finally managed to match the eggplant color she's after.  Who knew it would take red, blue, brown and yellow?  In it's completed stage, it will have the deep purple roses, cream roses and sage green hydrangeas.  I think it will be quite pretty.  I enjoyed making my petals while watching it rain.  (Yes, I said petals.  These flowers are made one petal at a time and then assembled into a flower.)  We really needed a good dose of water and I'm sure it's not near enough.  I'll have the photos up soon, hopefully tomorrow if I get some time to work on it (between running errands).  So tell me, what's your favorite flower? 

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