Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My First Gardenia

guess the blog title gave it away but, yes this is my very first gardenia.  Not too bad.   I'm so in love with this whole clay flower thing! 

I also tried my hand at some miniature cakes.  

On another subject -  It's good business practice to use social networking sites to promote your business; Facebook, MySpace, Twitter....  Speaking of which I have a Twitter account.  I occasionally update it but when I log in I'm overwhelmed with all the tweets from my followers.  I feel like it's a bit impersonal.  Does anyone out there use Twitter for business purposes?  Do you find it helps draw people to your business?  Or do you feel it's just a numbers game, meaning people are only trying to see how many followers they can get?  I tend to feel it's the latter.  But if you have lots and lots of followers, how do you keep up with all the tweets?  Anyone have any comments about the use of Twitter as a business tool? 


Twinessence said...

Twitter is good if you have the right traffic following your tweets. If you have genuine customers following your twitter, then they will use it loyally, checking your updates for short and efficient updates, instead of long-winded newsletters that most companies put out. However, if you're not marketing your twitter to the right audience, you'll get a whole lot of follows who just want to be updated so they can check out new gallery pictures. Nothing more. However, on a different note, if you incorporate a twitter widget into your website, every time you update your twitter, it technically updates your webpage.... google likes pages that update a lot. Thus, having twitter can in turn boost your search engine rankings. Same with facebook widgets :) I'm not sure if this will change in the future however, as Google keeps trying to make their "web-crawlers" smarter so that people don't misuse these tricks and boost the rankings of uninteresting/dodgy websites.

Twinessence said...

Aside from that massive boring comment from oneself, that is some VERY nice artworks Lorri! The flower is gorgeous, and its your first one! The cakes are cute as!


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