Monday, November 16, 2009

What is Deco Art Clay?

Since Deco Art clay is my latest medium of choice and flower design is quickly becoming my passion,  I thought I'd take a moment and give you a bit of background on it and let you know about some of the things you'll be seeing in the near future.

This clay has been around for about 30 years in Japan. It's slowly made it's way to Hawaii and now is showing up in the mainland.  This air-dry clay allows for extremely detailed flowers, the petals of which can be made paper thin and yet harden to a durable form that will last for many, many years and won't fade - or die!

  The Deco Art Academy is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and offers intense curriculums on flower design as well as supplemental curriculums on tropical flowers, theme creations and even figurines.  When I complete the curriculums, I will be certified by the Acamdemy as an instructor which  I'm very excited about.  I look forward to be able to teach others this amazing art form. 

So how are these flowers made? These are not flowers of the 'cookie cutter' variety, rather each petal is created by hand and then formed into a flower, then each flower formed into am arrangement.  Any details such as the freckles on day lilies are then painted.  No two flowers will ever be alike. 

I was shopping with my friend last week for flowers for her wedding.  She is getting married in December however wants colors that are extremely difficult if not impossible to find at this time of the year; eggplant purple and sage green.  She loves hydrangeas and also is looking for round flowers such as button mums for "pops" of color among green hydrangeas.  The only problem is.....well, there just isn't anything in season with those colors.  It was hard for me to see her disappointment when she found that if she wanted real flowers, she had to settle for ivory hydrangeas and a color purple other than that of her dreams.  Enter the wonder of clay flowers!  Any flower -in season or not- and in any color you can dream up (real or not) can be made and in any design you wish. 

Something else I like about this clay is that it air dries overnight so it's more "green" than the general polymer clay in that it doesn't need to be baked or fired.  It's not just for flowers either.  It can be made into things like decorative cotoure, cake toppers,  shadow boxes and the list goes on.  Take a look at what others have made - this will give you an idea of what's coming to Designs of Destiny very soon! 

(PS - I will be keeping you posted on my clay designs and classes in this blog.  Many of you enjoyed reading my random ramblings which will now be contained in my other blog, Down the Rabbit Hole. )

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Sau Wei Ma said...


I want you to know that you are using my doll ( the one that is dressed in qi pao for your blog. She is not made out of deco clay. Please give me some credit when you are using a picture of my creation. Thank you! Sau Wei Ma


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