Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catching up...

People laugh at us in So. California.  When we have a little bit of rain, the local news consists of nothing else but weather.  It's often termed Storm Watch San Diego and this photo indicates the severe damage from said storms:
However last week we did have a pretty good storm.  I was actually nervous as the wind ripped around and through everything and the rain came down in torrents.  Even the cat was scared and he usually sleeps through everything.  I feared I would look out the window and find this scene:
And I hear on the news that we're in for another dose.  Kudos to you folks who live in areas where you experience severe weather!

With the weather being nasty, there was no better place to be than home, working on the cake topper, etc for my friend's wedding.  I did manage to finish the pomanders (kissing balls)...Every petal was glued on one at a time and the ball on the far right is made of silk hydrangeas and roses.  Each hydrangea stem was pulled out and replaced with a wire so I could stick it into the styrofoam.  Tedious, yes, but I do the results.  Will post pics of them in action at the wedding.

Last weekend I had an intense clay flower class.  We worked on perfecting things such as poppies, gerbera daisies, hibiscus, gardenias, etc.  It was a 2-day class so we decided to get a hotel rather than do the drive.  I tell you, whoever designed this bathroom wasn't thinking clearly that day.  God forbid someone open the door while you're on the throne...kiss your knees goodbye!  There was literally 1"  between the edge of the toilet and the door.  Brilliant.  At any rate here's a sample of some of the flowers:
Still working on the website.  I desperately need about 12 more hands!

On another note:  Thanks for dropping by.  I know there's a lot of you out there that come to visit cuz I can see it by the little widget on the right.  See it?  I can even see where you came from.  Some of you visit from places I've never even heard of.  Since you took the time to do a drive by blog peek,  please take a moment and leave a comment, won't you?  Be it good, bad or otherwise, it would be great to log on and see that someone took a moment to stop and say hi.  Leave me your link, so I can drop by and check out your site/blog, just say hi, tell me my work stinks or is great or give me some ideas.  I'm becoming the Lonely Blogger.  :-)


Lynda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog all the way over in Africa today :) You are very talented .... the flowers look SO real !
Bye for now
Lynda, Kilimanjaro, East Africa

Twinessence said...

I know what it's like to be in severe storms. Here in Queensland Australia we have tropical storms which are no fun. Most of the time we have relatively small hail, but sometimes we have hail the size of golf balls, or even baseballs O_o. It is great to get creative during a storm though, I found myself working on a new, quite large sculpture today, through the lightening and thunder. Thank goodness the rain might push the temperature down a little. This heat wave is awful!!

LOVE the kissing balls Lorri! They've turned out really nice. Are they all finished now?

Lorri said...

Thanks for the compliment, Lynda!

Yes, Amana, the balls are done!!!! Yippee!


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