Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Choosing Colors for your Wedding

One of the first and most important things a bride must do upon taking on the planning of her wedding (besides having a fiance) is choosing her colors. Think about how many things colors play a major part in:

-Bridesmaids gowns - Cake - Flowers - Linens - Napkins - Invitations - and the list goes on.

You don't have to be a bride for color to play an intricate part in your life; clothes, jewelry, home decor and well, basically everything. Color is even important in businesses. Why? Because they use it to work on your subconscious. For example when you see brown, what might you think of? UPS hopes you'll think of dependable, steadfast delivery service, at least on some level of your thinking. So what color do you want your guests to remember you by?

All the weddings I went to while I was growing up consisted of four colors; yellow, blue, green or pink. Or worse yet, a combination of all three. One of my cousins had 16 bridesmaids whose dresses were all alternating in the colors I just listed. I felt like I'd fallen into a vat of rainbow sherbert. Of course that was in the early 70's. (I feel it necessary to stress how very YOUNG I was at the time)

Modern brides thankfully have gotten over the "basic 4" and now choose colors of all sorts. But how do you choose a color?

Realize that color sets the entire tone of your wedding. If you're getting married in autumn, perhaps choose colors such as feds, burnt oranges, deep yellows.

 For a spring/summer wedding, try choosing lighter colors; peach, soft pink, etc. For a winter wedding don't fall into the red and greens just because of the season. Think about what winter might look like. Don't be afraid to think white. Bright white, winter white, diamond white, off-white...a lot can be done with that. 
Speaking of roses, remember to research what color flowers are in season during the month of your wedding. You might want purple hydrangeas in December but they're not in season and you can't get them anywhere. You might be able to find the color you want but you'll pay through the nose to have them imported. Unless of course, you choose to work with me at Designs of Destiny. With the clay flowers (explained in earier posts) you can get any flower in any color at any time of year.

Be sure you pick a color you truly like. After all you're going to be seeing that color in just about everything! Don't choose a color based on the fact that it looks good on you. Remember, you're wearing white. Choose a color that works for all your bridesmaids.

Another good point - Make sure your color complements your venue. This is so important unless you have the resources to completely cover the ballroom walls. Is your wedding going to be outdoors? Make sure the color your choose fits in with nature and blends nicely. And don't be afraid to use more than one color. An  dditional color may make your favorite color really pop and come alive. For instance if your color is pink try using brown as an accent.  This site has a list of possible color combinations  And don't forget to tweak shades. Maybe you love blue but the cool color looks terrible on your bridesmaids. Try warming the color up with aqua or using a deeper color such as teal. Play with contrasting versus complementing colors. Make the $2 investment in a color wheel - you'll be glad you did.


Sherry said...

My chic you sure have some amazing talent!! I LOVE all the pictures of your creations! Oh and BTW I'm touched to the heart that you added my blog button to your site. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and much success in 2010 with your blog and creations. With much appreciation, Sherry.

Sherry said...

Come to think of it have you ever created a purple pansy? If you sell your creations that would be one I would buy. Let me know!!

Lorri said...

Thanks for dropping by. I do have some orders to fill but I would be happy to make a purple pansy item for you. Think about what you might want and as soon as I make a pansy I'll post it so you can see if you like it. Thanks for the nice comments! Hope this next year is a good one for you.


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