Friday, December 25, 2009

Wedding and Illnesses

There's a title for ya. But it pretty much describes the past 3 weeks or so. All focus was on the wedding I've been babbling about for so long and my little friend has finally gone from Ms. to Mrs.

It went off pretty much without a hitch which was a good thing since I've been sick with this virus everyone has for three weeks now.  I felt quite poopy and the only verbal help I could offer was to squeak.  My voice was completely gone.  Not just for the wedding day, but for 8 days total!  That's the longest I've ever been without a voice and believe me, trying to be the planner/other mother of the bride was hard to pull off in whispers, grunts, and frantic pointing. (I'm finally back in speaking mode and am thankful)  Anyway, here is the cake top in it's final place of glory...

The bride and I sharing something funny that I don't remember.......   and Steve and I after my rear end finally hit the chair. 

With no time to spare, I managed to get some orders done in time, one of which is shown here:
I here have a few more orders to fill but here is one of my pre-made little arrangements in a beautiful brown glass vase which (miracle of miracles) is now available on my website. Yes, the site's finally finished..almost.  But take a peek at it and let me know what you think.  I know it's pretty generic but I hope it's still pleasing to the eye.

Now I'm off to nurse this enormous cold sore on my upper lip that's growing so big I fear I won't see my feet soon.....

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