Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm a Bit Behind...

Hi Everybody,

I know, I know. I haven't posted for awhile. I've been incredibly busy making things for the upcoming Carlsbad Fair.  Not only that but I've been busy looking for a secular employment.  That's really gonna cut into my clay time!  But we've grown accustomed to the good things in life - like toilet paper and food and it seems money is the only way to own such luxuries. 

I do have something to say about commenting on one's blog.  This is the second time someone has left a messsage in Japanese that is of sexual content.  Apparently there's no way to block someone from accessing your account which is really too bad.  I don't follow this person's blog (after all I don't speak Japanese) nor do I know this person.  It's really frustrating to me that people think it's ok to leave their trash on random blogs.  Anybody else have this problem?  I do know that a friend of mine (sculpture artists, Amanda Day) received a whole boatload of spam in her blog.  I think that Blogger should create a way we can block this type of thing.  Facebook has it.  If people are going to stoop so low as to post unprovoked smut then we need to have a way to fight back.  Grrr...maybe we should bombard Google with emails about this.

At any rate, I'll step off the soapbox now. Here's a peek at some of the newer things I've been working on:

In case you're wondering about the bottle, it's an empty wine bottle that I decorated.  My hubby actually came up with that idea and I think it's a good for wine lovers.  Maybe even as a keepsake for a bottle used at a wedding or special occasion.  I'll be using other bottles as well.....have you strolled down the liqour aisle lately?  Some of those bottles are gorgeous!

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Twinessence said...

Amen Lorri, I'm not sure what these spammers are trying to prove. I highly doubt they sell much posting nonsense like that. They would get more clicks by ranking high in google....ahhh it makes sense now... you get a higher google ranking by having a huge amount of valuable sites (like blogger, facebook, myspace) linking to your site. *shakes fist at them* Bunch of ingrates!!

Aside from that, your artworks are beaaauuuuttttiiffffuuullllll as always ^_^ mwah mwah


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