Friday, April 30, 2010

An Amazingly Talented Artist

I love to relax by looking at other people's art.  I'm particularly fond of polymer clay artists; it's astounding to me that someone can take a lump of clay and turn it into something gorgeous, an imaginative creature or jewelry.  The possibilities are endless with this medium and I thought I'd share some of this today.   I can only dream of being so talented! 

First, of course, is my friend, Amanda Day's work. She just did this little sculpture of her friend's little daughter.   Is this not the cutest thing ever??  And it looks just like her!

Next is an artist whom I don't know personally but I was amazed by her sculptures as well. She does a stunning job and the eyes are so realistic.  A true compliment to the beauty and grace of women.  I just couldn't resist featuring her.  Her name is Nicole West and the rest of her exquisite scuptures can be found here.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Didn't Your Mother Teach You?

I think I have truly stumbled on someone who has the biggest lack of manners and class ever.  The problem is I work with this person.  I feel like a rabbit being tossed around by a lion. I have had my conversations with others bluntly interrupted mid-sentence, the phone snatched out of my hand and have several times been insulted.  This person even opens and rifles through the drawers to my desk while I'm sitting there and reaches right across my face to help herself to the use of my pens, stapler, etc without asking or even excusing herself for nearly taking my nose off in the process.  Didn't her mother teach her the word "please" or "excuse me"? Honestly!

 She never asks me to do something, she simply commands me to do it. "Open the email I sent you and print it out."    No please, no thank you, no courtesy whatsoever.  Why haven't I said anything about her ways?  I think I'm so shocked by her immature, pompous behavior that I sit there stunned and with my mouth hanging open.  It's like she was raised with wolves, except I believe they have more respect for each other.   I just cannot believe anyone has such a huge lack of manners nor anyone who has such a condescending attitude.  Didn't her mother teach her any manners?  Does one simply put up with it and chalk it up to ignorance?  or express dislike at being treated like a troll who lives under a bridge?  Does a person like this know they're being rude?  Is there any hope at all?  How would you handle this?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Time Goes By....

Yes, it's been awhile since my last blog.  I have been so busy between my day job and working on the flowers for my friend, Amanda's wedding.  Here's a picture (terrible as it is) of some of the flowers I'm using in her bouquet.  These are 'stephanotis' with Swarovski crystals set in them.  They really sparkle beautifully but the egg crate foam on which they're drying isn't exactly a flattering background.

This will be the only photo of this work in progress as I want it to be a surprise for her.  But of course they'll be tons once it's done.  Quite a lot of work but so much fun!

I'd like to take a moment to yap about the postal service.    Like everyone, I've received packages in the mail.  I'm pretty sure the post office does whatever possible to squash, squish, compress, flatten and otherwise completely destroy a package and it's contents.   

My point is why are there no rules to how our packages are handled?  E-bays policies state that optional purchase of insurance is not longer permissable.  We have no control over the maiming of items shipped and while I definitely want my buyers happy and will do what it takes to make it happen, I have to wonder if this isn't another ploy to get even more fees out of us, since they get a total of about 10% anyway (plus PayPal fees).  Shouldn't there be some kind of fees imposed on the USPS when they damage packages?  Does anyone have any ideas on a kinder shipping method?  Just thought I'd throw that out there as that seems to be the thought de jour for me. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Updates and New Items

What a pleasant surprise!  I found I had the day off from work.  Good.  Now I can catch up on a few things. 

I spent several hours last week updating my website only to discover that the server wasn't working correctly, the customer service is non-existent and I'm overpaying for this privilege.  After some consideration I decided to shut my website down.  Instead I've chosen to return to my shop on Etsy and will soon be marketing on Ebay as well.  That way my work can still be viewed/purchased while I figure out what new cyber mess I can get into.  :-) 
These items are listed in my Etsy shop.


(PS.  To the person is who insists on putting questionable ads Japanese in the comments section: Your ads are not welcome.  I don't appreciate it and I'm certain the followers on this blog don't either.)


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