Friday, April 2, 2010

Updates and New Items

What a pleasant surprise!  I found I had the day off from work.  Good.  Now I can catch up on a few things. 

I spent several hours last week updating my website only to discover that the server wasn't working correctly, the customer service is non-existent and I'm overpaying for this privilege.  After some consideration I decided to shut my website down.  Instead I've chosen to return to my shop on Etsy and will soon be marketing on Ebay as well.  That way my work can still be viewed/purchased while I figure out what new cyber mess I can get into.  :-) 
These items are listed in my Etsy shop.


(PS.  To the person is who insists on putting questionable ads Japanese in the comments section: Your ads are not welcome.  I don't appreciate it and I'm certain the followers on this blog don't either.)

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