Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving Onward...

Ok, to my readers out there...Yes I had a pity party for one a couple days ago.  I sometimes write things out just to get it out of my system and then delete it.  Well, I got distracted and forgot.  Thanks for your thoughts, I'm not giving up.  Just working through some things and regrouping. 

Right now I'm working on a wedding bouquet to take into the bridal shops as well as on the little boy shoe.  I'm excited to find another avenue to getting my business name out there and that's called HARO.  It's an acronym for Helping A Reporter Out.  Reporters always need something to write about so you can have a list emailed to you or you can submit your keywords and writers will pick it up.  I read that several people were featured in magazines, newspapers or top blogs.  Just something to think about.

I'm also going to be taking my blogs a different direction.  I'm going to start a weekly routine of featuring some artists, some wedding color inspirations, cool handmade finds (sort of like a treasury) and information each week on a particular flower or group of flowers.  You'd be surprised at some of the history behind them.  Oh yeah, and I'll keep posting my new flower arrangements as I make them.

For the moment though, I'm going to tuck my tired behind into bed....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Special Offer for Facebook Fans!

Hey Everyone! 

 Are you a fan of Designs of Destiny's Facebook page?  If so, then you're eligable for a discount AND free shipping!  With the launch of Facebook's store (Payvment) I've decided that all my awesome fans deserve a treat.  Just click the Shop tab and your discount will automatically be calculated. But only for a limited time. This offer expires on July 1. Not a fan yet?  That's ok.  Just go to the link above and click the "Like" button.  Voila!  Refresh the page and you're now a fan.  I keep my postings to a minimum so it won't clog up your page, but you will get to see new items as they're made. 

I've been busy 'spring' cleaning around here for a couple of days. Today I tackled the closet.  I figured I'd just pop a couple loads of laundry in and go through the closet and get rid of the terribly out of fashion, uncomfortable or just plain ugly things I haven't worn in a year.  Who knew that would be such a big job?  Whew!  At last it's done and I can sleep tonight knowing that my shelves are organized (not that the issue keeps me awake at night) and I've got a few hangers free for use now.  Problem is I'm all tuckered out.  But boy does it feel good to get some of those yearly projects done. 

Before I sign off and tuck myself in bed to read and relax, here's a couple of new things that have just been completed....the white flower arrangement was a gift to a friend who showed such sweet hospitality to us and the other is for sale now (at said Facebook page - for a discount!) 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Subject Unrelated

Most everybody is familiar with Dr. Oz, whether it be from Oprah or his own show, Dr. Oz. 

I don't normally watch the show but yesterday while channel surfing, I heard some information on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia (CFS/FMS).  Being a sufferer myself, I decided to tune in.  I can't tell you how happy it made me to see these conditions being validated.  For years docs have said, "Your tests are normal, you are young, you look fine so it must be in your head."  And out would come the referral to a shrink.  My mom had her own professional opinion to offer: "You're tired, spelled L-A-Z-Y". 

Every day for years I have pushed myself past my limits and felt guilty for not being able to do more.  I'm constantly exposed to people who are older than I am but have way more energy.  I don't want to disappoint friends so I push myself hard to keep up with them....only to end up loosing a couple days because I'm completely out of gas.  People think I refuse offers of dinner or going out shopping etc. because I'm a snob but in reality I just don't have the energy.  The whole thing becomes depressing because I'm a prisoner in my own body.

Yesterday this Dr. Teitelbaum (who himself had been a victim of CFW/FMS) explained the actual mechanics of it and how it's related to hormones and the hypothalamus gland.  The best news is that it can be treated. There are thousands of people who suffer with this health issue so I thought I'd pass on the information.  There is also a free questionnaire online and you can get a detailed list to take to your dr. or better yet....go to their facility.  Here's to getting life back!  You can find the questionnaire here

Onto other website is almost done and ready to be published over the next few days.  In celebration I'm going to host a giveaway so be sure to check back for the details!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Qualities of Successful Artists - Wedding Bouquet

I'm an artist - a starving artist - but an artist nonetheless. I admire (ok, I'm a little jealous of) artists who've been successful. I ask myself how they did it. I've searched high and low and have yet to find the bean that provided the beanstalk for Jack. So it must be something else. In speaking with and doing research on successful artists, I’ve found a few common threads:

❀ Successful artists seek knowledge. If you’re anything like me, you devour every book, magazine, blog, article and experiences from others. I call it feeding my brain. You can be rest assured the designer of whatever art work you’re looking at has a goal of knowing everything there is to know on the subject…and is looking for more.

❀Successful artists are curious and experimental: A quote I read said this: “lack of curiosity breeds mediocrity”. Every artist I’ve met or researched has experimented plenty with technique, the medium they use, etc. Artists seem to have a whole extra gene dedicated to experimenting and wringing every possible outcome out of their chosen path.

❀Successful artists are persistent. They have to be. It’s a case of be persistent or perish. Nobody ever became a success by trying something, failing and never trying again. People say, “He failed so many times before he became a success.” What they don’t realize is that there were no failures, only learning experiences which were just stepping stones along the way.

In other ‘news’, I finished that bouquet I’ve been working on!! I sent pics and I’m happy (and thankful) to say she LOVES it. Now I’m working on the cake top, corsages and boutonnieres.


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