Thursday, June 3, 2010

Qualities of Successful Artists - Wedding Bouquet

I'm an artist - a starving artist - but an artist nonetheless. I admire (ok, I'm a little jealous of) artists who've been successful. I ask myself how they did it. I've searched high and low and have yet to find the bean that provided the beanstalk for Jack. So it must be something else. In speaking with and doing research on successful artists, I’ve found a few common threads:

❀ Successful artists seek knowledge. If you’re anything like me, you devour every book, magazine, blog, article and experiences from others. I call it feeding my brain. You can be rest assured the designer of whatever art work you’re looking at has a goal of knowing everything there is to know on the subject…and is looking for more.

❀Successful artists are curious and experimental: A quote I read said this: “lack of curiosity breeds mediocrity”. Every artist I’ve met or researched has experimented plenty with technique, the medium they use, etc. Artists seem to have a whole extra gene dedicated to experimenting and wringing every possible outcome out of their chosen path.

❀Successful artists are persistent. They have to be. It’s a case of be persistent or perish. Nobody ever became a success by trying something, failing and never trying again. People say, “He failed so many times before he became a success.” What they don’t realize is that there were no failures, only learning experiences which were just stepping stones along the way.

In other ‘news’, I finished that bouquet I’ve been working on!! I sent pics and I’m happy (and thankful) to say she LOVES it. Now I’m working on the cake top, corsages and boutonnieres.

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