Thursday, July 15, 2010

Etsy Artist Feature

Today I'm going to veer off from my usual flower information a bit and feature a new Etsy shop, Chocololic Knit & Crochet.  Just the name makes me want to get up and scrounge up some chocolate.

Chocololic's owner choose the name because she's a chocolate lover and Chocololic just rolls of the tongue and is fun to say!  Chocololic has been crafty since childhood, making collages and sculptures, and now has been knitting and crocheting for about 12 years.  She learned from her mom and filled in the rest by reading tons of books.  Practice makes perfect and now she simply makes her own patterns. 

Between playing lots of Sim games (she's competing against "Ellen" for world domination) she designs amigurumis and their patterns so the rest us can enjoy making our own.  (Amigurumi is translated from Japanese meaning  knitted or crocheted stuffed doll.)  This is quite a feat considering she has to stop quite frequently to write down the instructions.  When I have to interupt myself, I lose my mojo. God forbid I actually hold onto a thought.

Currently she makes darling little I-Pod cases which will keep your I-Pod cushioned, snugly and en vogue.  What's in the future for Chocololics? She's currently working on a main product line,  small elegant wristlet purses each made in a different colorful yarn in an interesting pattern or texture, and lined with fabric.  So check out Chocololics and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming trendy purses! 

Flower Fact:  Did you know that lifejackets used to be filled with sunflower stems?  Designs of Destiny's flower for this week guessed it....sunflowers!  So come back tomorrow and read some really cool (and little known) facts about them!

Image by Don Gru

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