Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday's Feature Flower

Happy Friday! 

Each Friday I'm going to feature a flower.  I hope you enjoy.  Soooo...without further ado today's flower is:

The Water Lilly.  Why did I choose this flower?  Well, we're all familiar with birthstones, right?  Did you know someone has come up with birth flowers?  And July's flower is the water lily.

 The water lily is considered by many to be the jewels of the pond. If you’ve ever seen one it’s sure to have left its imprint in your brain. Here are some extra tidbits about July's flower:

  • There are over 65 species worldwide.
  •  They come in several colors ranging from yellow, pink, red, white, purple, blue and orange. Some species even change colors over the lifespan of the bloom. Several of them are extremely fragrant.

  • They come in a surprising size range; from teeny tiny pygmaea which come from China and are the size of a quarter to Victoria lilies that have pads so large (several feet across) that they can support a human!

Not only are the water lilies beautiful to behold but they also aid in the pond’s ecosystem. How so?

  •  They provide shade to keep the water temperature down during the summer months.

  •  They help to keep the algae growth down because they block the sunlight.

  •  Their shade shelters any fish that may be in the pond and hide them from curious kitties or other predators that are looking for a fish stick snack.

  •  They also absorb nutrients in the water that would normally feed these undesirable green plants (otherwise known as slimy green stuff), keeping the water clear and clean-looking.

Another fun fact: We’re all familiar with Monet’s “Water Lily” painting, right? Well if you absolute are in love with it, you might be able to scrape the change out from under the couch cushions and sweet talk the current owner out of by offering more than what he paid in July 2008; a mere 41 pounds. That’s well over $600,000 in US dollars!

That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed it. Oh, and don’t forget to enter to win a peony-inspired flowers FREE! (Rules are in post below this)


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The Redhead Riter said...

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The Redhead Riter said...

Awesome work! I love the Cappucino the most!


The Redhead Riter said...

I also really like "The 50's" and would love to give it to my daughter for Christmas!


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