Monday, July 5, 2010

Wild & Wacky Wedding Gowns

Having a long weekend was great.  My poor hubby got some well-deserved sleeping in time. Got all the errands done today and even splurged and bought lemon drops and licorice.  I do believe I have a sweet craving going on. 

Everyone that knows me knows I LOVE weddings.  The radiance of it......the beauty of it....the romance and beautiful brides with elegant gowns...the cake.  I should have definitely gone into a profession more wedding related.  That said, I'm always looking in Bride magazines or browsing online.  After surfing the internet into the late hours of last night (Insomnia is holding The Sandman captive) I couldn't help but share my finds.  I discovered so many that I'll show a little restraint and share five at a time.  And I have some real doozies, so sure to follow my blog to see them.  :)

Have some blue jeans that don't fit anymore?  Here's what you do with them:   (Yes, they're made from denim)

Gowns with colors are making a huge splash on the fashion front these days.  These are so unique.  I think the one on the left is kinda pretty (though the one on the right reminds a little of Glenda the Good Witch on Wizard of Oz)

Now back to traditional white...ok, not so traditional.  This is a handy little combination of wedding night loungerie and wedding gown.  Why waste the time changing? So if you like ruffles and don't mind missing the front half of your gown, this one might be for you:    Pssst, I think Fredrick's of Hollywood might carry this.  I'd ask for a discount on account of the missing fabric in front)   I have no idea what kind of cake that might be.
In keeping with the multipurpose theme: Can't afford a gown and cake?  Here's your solution.  This one takes the cake.  (I know.  I'm sorry but it was begging to be said)

Last, but definitely, most definitely not least, is this next one.  You know no one else will be wearing this!


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Angie said...

OMG love that top pic beautiful!!


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