Monday, August 30, 2010

What is Heather Hiding?

Heather is not one of the flowers we immediately think of when we think about going to the nursery (or the nearest Target store) for flowers to plant. But heather is hiding secrets.

Heather ranges anywhere from white to pink, purple and red in color. The flowers are native to Ireland, Scandinavia, Russia and northern North America but are especially synonymous with Scotland. Why? Because it's used in beer! Scotland relies on the heather's nectar for flavor and to aid in the fermentation instead of using malt and hops (which don't grow there). The leaves are used to flavor the beer as well.


Heather flowers contain properties that stop the production of inflammatory hormones and because of this is found in lots of herbal formulas. For what?

It used for kidney and lower urinary tract health - helps prevent stone ailments (kidney and gall stones)-

-gastrointestinal problems - liver disease - gout and arthritis

-respiratory tract disorders - sleep disorders - calms the nerves

-is used as an eye bath for inflamed eyes - fever - wound treatment

-diaphoretic (profuse sweating) - dandruff - depression. Who knew?!

(Oh, and it can produce a yellow dye….if you're greatly in need of that for some reason.)

On another note….today was so beautiful. We went out to the Irvine Spectrum and enjoyed walking in the outside mall. People and dog watching can be so entertaining! If you want to see pics (or get travel tips) check out this blog.

I've taken a bit of a break on the flowers as I've been overwhelmed with the desire to go back to my jewelry making. I've been holding onto this fire agate for who knows how long and I decided at long last to wire wrap it. I think this just might end up in my private collection…

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