Monday, September 20, 2010

Bead Shop Hop Weekend

We had the most fun yesterday!  We went on a Bead Shop Hop which was hosted by several bead shops throughout California.  We did the San Diego ones since that's the closest to us.  We brought another jewelry artist and friend, Michelle Loon, with us while my poor outnumbered husband chauffered us all over the county.  We "back-seat drove" for him and had great fun searching for these places and shouting out when we successfully found them (after a few U-turns and phone calls to the shops).  We got little free gifts at each of them and since we wanted to cover as many shops as we could, we tried to keep our oohing, aahhing and drooling to the bare minimum but, dang, that was hard!  Because we couldn't spend the requisite hour or so pouring over each of the treasures in each shop, Michelle and I took to furiously scribbling notes in our about the shop we'd just visited while trying to navigate Steve to the next shop. I tried to behave myself spending-wise but I did wind up with some stuff.  My favorite is a lampwork bead with a frog on it.
 We managed to cover 6 of the shops; going from Oceanside to Ocean Beach to Julian and everywhere in between.  We got to Julian just in time to have their famous pie & ice cream (Steve and I had Dutch Apple and Apple Peach respectively and Michelle had Boysenberry-YUM!) under the peaceful calm under the trees with a nearby bubbling fountain.  If you want the links to which shops we visited and read Steve prospective on the whole day, check out his blog!
 (PS.  Become a follower of his because he keeps track of great travel saving tips and ideas!)

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