Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Attempt..And The End Result

Recently, I decided to try making gum paste flowers for cakes. In my excitement over it, I thought, "Hey, I make clay flowers, how much different can it be?" Boy, was I surprised. I bumbled around at first using the same techniques I use for my clay flowers...but gumpaste has decidedly different characterisitics than the clay I'm used to. I watched videos on YouTube and got some idea on the technique but my biggest issue was making the silly petals stick where they're supposed to. The gumpaste makes for heavy flowers and as it turns out, is way more fragile than the clay ones. I have a new admiration for gumpaste artists. Of which I'm not. So I turned my attention back to my favorite medium and made a spray of flowers which can be used on a cake...and/or used as a decoration on a shelf, etc. The great thing is these are very lightweight and much less fragile that gumpaste. This one has sweet peas, roses, hydrangeas and stephanotis which I've highlighted and shadowed for realism. It's now listed in my Etsy shop however may soon be going up for sale in a cake shop (a new venture for me).

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Angie said...

absolutley gorgeous!!! x


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