Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cherry Blossoms, Etc

I've been sitting on this half-finished project for about 6 months.  I finally convinced myself to finish it recently.  It was a time consuming project, each blossom being handmade, the stamen inserted, then each stem was wrapped and assembled into a branch.  I normally don't mind working with floral tape, but for some reason the brown is extremely sticky to work with.  My scissors even stuck to my fingers!  But I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  I absolutely love cherry blossoms and of course I couldn't resist adding the chopsticks to it.  I called it Sakura Blooms because that's the Japanese word for cherry blossoms.  It's for sale here.  

Research has provided the information that the popular colors this year for wedding flowers are bright and cheerful.  I guess with this economy, that's exactly what we need to see.  So today I started on some tropical flowers for a spray to be used on a cake or as home decor.  This time I won't wait six months to finish it.  Well, off to bed after I finish watching Survivor.  I haven't really slept in two nights.  This morning I finally fell asleep at 6:00 and got up at 8:30.  I don't what the deal is with this insomnia but I'll be taking out a contract on Mr. Sandman if he doesn't deliver tonight.  :)

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Rubina Abid said...

You have created very impressive work, I love this floral arrangement.


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