Saturday, December 25, 2010

No Matter What Life Brings...

I've been playing around with my polymer clay over the past few days between working my 'day' job.  I do medical transcription from home and I love the fact that I can do it in my jammies with a big window view.  The down side is that I'm physically close to my clay and I swear I can hear it calling my name while I'm trying to work.  This is my first bunny attempt. I think he turned out kinda cute. Before I continue on, I should take a moment and thank my husband, Steve, for being my always supportive muse. Because I named the bunny "Patches" (yeah, I know...very original) Steve immediately came up with this: "No matter what scrapes and breaks life brings, there's always a patch." Which I thought was pretty cute. And from which spawned further creative ideas. We decided I should continue the theme and make a whole Patch Critter Family. So look for more Patch creations to follow soon. I'm also considering making them in miniature but I'm putting that to a vote. (Please vote on the poll in the right colum!!) 
Next is is a porcelain face which I "dressed" with polymer clay.  I see her as sort of a Renaissance lady who lives in an old castle.  Her name is "Isolde" which in Welsh (Irish) means "beautiful lady".  She has a wire-wrapped bail and is ready for use as a pendant.

Yesterday yielded a nice surprise.  We went to the mall mainly to people watch, as I have a twisted sense of humor and enjoy watching the dynamics of human characteristics shopping on the day before Christmas.  In the meantime though, we popped into Anchor Blue who was having a huge sale.  Buy 2 get 2 free on entire store!  Steve got a couple of new shirts and I got a nice shirt as well.  But the best find of all was a $50 hoody on sale for $10!  Now I have a hoody that actually fits me.  Yippee!

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