Friday, December 17, 2010

Proof I Do Finish What I Start...Eventually

I know, it's been quite awhile since my last post. I've been working at my day job doing medical transcription and sometimes it just sucks the desire to to even look at the computer afterwards right out of me. But the length of this post should make up for it, lol.

Living in Southern CA means we're fairly close to Disneyland and hold annual passes. This means we can visit "The Happiest Place on Earth" whenever we choose and after about 4-5 trips, the passes more than pay for themselves. We happen to have the park hopper pass which allows us to visit both parks (Disneyland and California Adventure) at will. But I digress…

Part of the amusement park experience is having your picture snapped while riding one of the rollercoasters. CA Adventure has one of such coasters. After you exit the ride, the exit path dumps you right in front of viewing area which shows a frozen image of everyone in various stages of animation; abject terror, exhilaration, or for those who are familiar with where these cameras are located, a pose of some sort. Here is where the amusement part comes into play: Once you reach the viewing area, you're ensconced in a crowd of people pushing forward to peek at their unflattering photo while shrieks of laugher and pointing ring in your ears.

Now, after so many times of riding said ride you would think I'd be aware of when these nasty little cameras are going to freeze my image and display it to the other paying patrons. But I keep forgetting…

(In the photo on the left, I hadn’t positioned my safety bar very tightly (at my husband’s suggestion) because it allows for more of a thrill when you become airborne as this metal contraption flies over hills doing about 60 MPH. What he neglected to tell me is that it also allows lateral movement going around the curves. Which is displayed in this very attractive photo of me slamming my ear into the safety bar at the exact moment when my memoir of fun was being snapped.)  Here’s where the term "amusement" park comes into play. The charge is close to $20 to purchase this insult. Like you’d ever want to display these photos in your home. Ha ha. Very amusing.

New Project Finished

I don't know if I'm alone in this issue or not, but I have a habit of starting a project and then not finishing it for awhile.  Sometimes it's just because I get bored with it.  Sometimes it's because it doesn't quite look right so I leave it awhile until some the inspiration finally hits.  Sometimes I just have no excuse at all.  The "Special Delivery" project was one I left alone because something wasn't right.  It stared at me from the top shelf for quite awhile.  Yesterday, it finally hit me what to do.  I'm happy to say it goes in the 'Finished' closet and off the "Hey, Finish Me Already!" shelf.

I also started crocheting a slouchy hat I thought might be cute.  In the process of digging through my yarn, I dug up a couple of things I made (and are now on my Artfire site)

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