Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fantasy Land

I spend a lot of time when I'm not in my crafting area dreaming about what I'd be making if I were in my crafting area.  I call this daydreaming brainstorming.  My day job is about as fun as having a root cananl (I type pretrial reports for people who get arrested, anything from petty theft to murder, so I try to keep a seperate block of my brain focused on more pleasant things).  I think partly due to the nature of the job, I've taken my imagination to other areas.  This last few weeks I've been pipe dreaming of a sort of quiet little area in the forest where I met a little fellow named Bilpin (whose name means Forest in Burmese, if I remember correctly.)  Here's a peek at Bilpin's first time on a swing....

Bilpin is made of polymer clay (except for the flowers which are made of cold porcelain) and comes with everything seen (or scene) here.  He's ready for adoption in my Etsy shop and comes with the main tree, three flowers and a seperate tree.  I love to hear your comments/feedback! 


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