Monday, January 16, 2012

 This weekend, we went away.  We went to the Pasadena Bead Show and spent the night in Pasadena.  After the show we walked through the shopping district and the old part of the town.  I love browsing through the shops and and people watching.  These little guys were waiting for their human:

Ended up at Venice Beach, where the people are... ecclectic, to say the least. 

And watched some skateboarders who made the whole thing look so easy as they flew through the air!
Been working with some cold porcelain clay and made flowers for these decoupaged keepsake boxes, which can be found on my Etsy shop by clicking the links.


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Crafting has always been a passion for me. I have yet to stick with any particular medium, as I love to switch it out and try new things. This blog is sort of a testament to that fact. Hope you enjoy...

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